LITS took part in implementing eGovernance projects on subcontract basis, providing technical manpower and executing the project.

Some of the projects are:

Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY)

issuing of health insurance cards for eligible citizens in Kawardha district of Chhattisgarh state. Work includes conducting the campaign in villages and capturing biometric enrollments and issuing 64kb smart card with enrollee details.

Socio Economic and Cast Census (SECC)

The project aims at conducting a survey on Socio Economic and Cast Census of national population. The survey involves door to door enumeration, data capturing of public general details and financial details with using tablet PC’s. LITS has taken up the SECC work in the districts of East Godavari, West Godavari and Vishakhapatnam Districts in Andhra Pradesh covering 120 Lakhs of population covering their Social and Economic status…

Aadhaar Enrollments

The project involves capturing of demographic and biometric details of citizens in Ananthapur, West Godavari district engaging 140 skilled and certified operators.

Elections Department

Preparation of photo electoral rolls of 26 lakhs electors of West Godavari district by data entry & capturing of digital / scanned photographs of electors and linking them to the database as a district level agency.

Trademark Office (Government of India)

Digitization of Trade Marks documents of the Patent Office, Intellectual Property Office, Government of India, Kolkata was taken up and successfully completed. The nature of work is Digitization of Patent Documents which involves Scanning, cleaning, OCR, Data Entry, uploading to patent server and retrieval of digitized documents. The project was taken up on behalf of M/s HCL, Kolkata.

Employees State Insurance Corporation, Andhra Pradesh

Issue of Bio Metric Smart Cards to the insured families under ESI. Data entry of the application form, Capture of Fingerprint & Family Photo and preparation of data base an uploading to the FTP.

EDSI –order processing

The processing of work orders related to Winterizations, Debris removal, grass cut, grass recut, Securing, REO Services. Evictions,Removal of all debris from the interior and exterior of the property, hazardous material, any outside items that detract from curb appeal & we process approx 2000+ work orders per day for these clients, Our team of 80+ Experience well trained employees daily process different Types of work orders for different clients. LITS provide multilingual BPO services for EDSI, handling more than 30+ clients in USA.